Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Learner? 

The Learner platform is mobile friendly meaning you can access it on your phone or tablet, as well as your laptop or desktop - this is why we say you can access Learner anywhere, anytime; your learning can be done at a time and location that suits you

What can I learn on Learner? 

The extensive catalogue of titles on learn can be found on our library page – you can access as many courses as you want, any time you want

Can I claim professional development (CPD, CEU, CEC) points? 

You certainly can, everything on the system has Third Party Recognition from Active IQ and you can use your course completion certificate to claim your points.

How much does a Learner subscription cost? 

No extra costs, no contracts, one fixed monthly fee; £16.99 a month for the standard subscription

What do I get on a standard subscription? 

Unlimited access to the standard catalogue of courses, 2 new titles added every month

How do I cancel? 

You can easily cancel your account online at any time with no cancellation fees, just login and click on your profile. When you cancel, we adhere to GDPR rules and wipe all of your data from the platform. If you choose to rejoin, none of the historic data will be left on the system and you will essentially start from scratch

How are my payment details stored? 

The Learner platform does not store any payment details. Our payment provider (Stripe), as used by Shopify, and Deliveroo, holds your details securely and communicates with the Learner platform. But no, Learner holds no personal details apart from your name and email (both of which are encrypted on the master database)

Can I try Learner? 

Yes you can, Learner offers a 5 day free trial with limited access to preview some of the content